No Justice Without Truth


Over 58 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans,  trillions if you include fish and other aquatic life.  They all share one thing in common, none of them want to die, they all want to live.

To humans our life is sacrosanct, nothing is more important to us than our right to live our lives without being prematurely killed and when we die we expect our deaths to be as painless as possible.

However this “selfish altruism” by 95% of humanity does not apply to the other animals we share this planet with.  The arrogance with which we abuse, enslave and ultimately kill them is staggering.  When you consider we are supposed to be the moral agents in the world, you’d forgive aliens from some distance part of the universe from being confused.

These pages are primarily a resource for veganism: the ethics surrounding the exploitation of animals, the health benefits of a vegan diet, the environmental benefit linked to veganism, activism, connecting with fellow vegans and a general resource for helping vegans to source vegan food and products.

I also have an in-depth study investigating the potential reasons for our existence here as obviously why we are here should have a bearing on how we act during our lives and ultimately how we treat the other animals we share this planet with.